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                                         The Best News Possible; All the lost Irish National Records in the 1922 burning of the National Archives office, have been sourced from other collections and will be released in 2022


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New to Genealogy - Getting Started    All the tools and advice to get started - just use the headings at the top for all the info.    Created by the National Archives of Ireland to help you find your Irish ancestors  -  A must for anyone starting to trace their ancestors in Ireland  The National Library of Ireland in Dublin   The General Register Office (GRO) Dublin  Research Facility and some other records in the GRO Roscommon

file:///C:/Reunitedfamily/Carr%20Web/Certs_2012/FamilyHistoryResearch.jpg  Quick Guide  All you need to know about DNA testing and the results

 A Primer in Genealogy.pdf  by Sean J. Murphy MA

  Accessing American records :   Genealogy Research Strategies by Public Record Reviews - Good USA researching Information

  The Ultimate Guide to Census Records USA  The Ultimate Guide To World War 2 Records USA  The Ultimate Guide to Death Records USA

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Genealogy websites - the forgotten features - on u-tube by Karen of Cork library - Over 20  years researching and I did not realise how much time I wasted

Online Irish Research  Irelands County Links from Irish Family Roots     A great Cork Collection of Records 
A guide to the records deposited in the Public Records Office of Ireland by Herbert Wood  - 1919  Dublin City Electoral Rolls 1899, 1908 - 1915  - Database   BAPTISMS 1666-1900 MARRIAGES 1666-1900 BURIALS 1666-1900   An Introduction to County Kerry Administrative Divisions by Paddy Waldron.docx The Catholic Church Parish records at the NLI - Fully searchable   All thirty-two counties Census material for 1901 & 1911 are now available on this site.
   Free Government website - operated by the department of Arts
- New Fantastic free Civil Records loaded early September 2016 -- A must - Brilliant  Irish Genealogy Projects - Links for Irish Counties - Unbelievable Information  Your gateway to the history of each of Cavan's 2,000 townlands  Will Registers  1858 - 1900  Catholic Qualification Rolls   1700 - 1848  Diocesan and Prerogative Marriage Licence Bonds Indexes 1623 - 1866   Prerogative and diocesan copies of some wills and indexes of others  1596 - 1858   Records of the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen  1860 - 1921

The Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-37       1823 to 1837  Ireland Civil Registration 1845 -1913     Great Website  Northern Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1822-1837   Valuation Office Books  1824 - 1856   Extras for budding Genealogists  Irish Soldiers Wills who served with the British army in WW1  Registry of Deeds Index Project Volunteer website   Heritage Maps allows you to view a wide range of build and natural heritage data sets in map form. Plan and explore - a must for natives and visitors alike     Nick Reddan has done great work on this site  Griffith's Valuation - Great searches from the Griffith Valuation for Names or Places - Gives person information with land map    The Biggest worldwide online Databank and it's free   The biggest subscription website and probably the best - it is expensive for most, but everyone with some experience in genealogy should take out a World subscription ($149 - 6 months) even once.  You must become a member and subscribe, to actually see the documentation - very good especially for Marriage & Baptismal Certs if you have good information   Great website, good information and very reasonably priced  This is Shane Wilson’s very useful website - Also - Look at next link  an ingenious tool to search for Catholic Parish Names -  I entered - Cork = Result:  96 names   Irish Town land Searches    The Irish Genealogical Research Society -
Join and get access to extra research material, information and much more - Some free search material    The Cork Genealogy society -
If you are in the Cork area, sign up and meet fellow researchers  Irish Military archives  The enlistment books contain records of soldiers serving in these Irish regiments of the British Army in the period 1920-22     The Church of Ireland parish register collections for Cork  Townlands of Co. Cork  Church of Ireland Parish of Templebreedy Marriage Register 1845-1918  The Anglican Record Project  Methodist Historical Society of Ireland  Irish Jewish Roots - You must register and log-in to see all the information  Cork city and county archives   British Parliamentary Papers relating to Ireland 1801 - 1922   Irish Immigration Data to USA ; 1846 - 1851   Information for all Irish Counties     Chief Secretary of Ireland's Office Registered Papers (CSORP) 1818 - 1852

Castletownroach County Cork        Church of Ireland - Register of Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1728 - 1803. Vestry Book 1724 - 1803              THE PARISH REGISTERS OF ST MARY'S CHURCH, NEWTOWNBARRY, Co. Wexford   Where did your folks come from ?  Obituaries of the Irish Diaspora (Genealogical Society of Ireland)  We can accept queries relating to Baptisms from 1731, and from 1748 for Marriages, a Fee of 20 Euro's to search      Ireland civil registration including 1864-1958 births, 1845-1958 marriages, and 1864-1958 deaths


Do you have good information, are you trying to connect or thinking of visiting, your ancestral area in Ireland:   
 Ireland Reaching Out

This site tries to connect you, with a local resident volunteer of the area you are interested in, who will communicate with you and/or meet with you on arrival there - Look at the video on the website

Irish Research  Main National Repositories you can visit   The National Archives of Ireland  The National Library of Ireland  The Valuation Office   Land Registry and Registry of Deeds  Dublin City Archives  General Register Office Ireland   Public Record Office Northern Ireland     Central Statistics Office   Contains nearly 11,000 biographies of Irish people  See where Cromwell took lands from the Irish 1656 - 1658 Excellent website


Handy Links   Newest World Genealogy Records on the Internet  Looking for Carr sites and Information  Looking for O'Keeffe sites and Information   O'Keeffe Clan  Cork  Joseph O'Keeffe has a brilliant website with many O'Keeffe connections  A treasure trove of Irish genealogy and Irish/world journals            Irish Family History Foundation Database


Maybe some of your ancestors are interred in these graveyards below:

St.Finbarr's Cemetery, Glasheen Rd,  Cork -   5 December 1867 - 10 June 1896

East Cork

Titeskin -

Aghada Old -

Corkbeg -

St. Erasmus -

Fort Carlisle -

Garranekinnefeake -

Inch -

Aghada Presbyterian -

Queenstown ( Cobh ): -  Plus other Cork cemeteries

Ballynacorra  (Middleton):-         

Check     Find some cemeteries worldwide with some records and photos

More Great links  Brilliant maps with marking tools etc  A wonderful website with local stories and some letters from USA people based in Cork harbour and Bantry during WW1, plus local women who married them and emigrated.  Great local information and famine story of the area  
Every possible Irish Link for researchers  And just in case you missed a few thousand  Very helpful information for anyone interested in Genealogy but particularly people who hope to visit Ireland to research    Cork Past & Present  -   History, Culture, Places, People and Events

Cork Hospitals and Asylums   Information    Fantastic site

Convicts convicted of Stealing    Transported to Australia  Census Finder - Be prepared to spend some time here - Great directories  Search the Griffiths survey of property ownership in Ireland from 1848  to 1864 and much more   The Immigrant Ancestors Project at Brigham Young University Valuation Office Ireland   Excellent information  --  Irish Government website  Cork Links  Great information on heritage map for east Cork     Carr DNA Project   Cork Churches & Buildings of interest  The National Archives   Great Website

  Great   passenger lists, information and ship  photos (ignore link)      Irish Migration to Newfoundland and Labradore    More great   passenger lists  Departures from Cobh (Queenstown) County Cork, Ireland     Fantastic lists   A little expensive for most people for World access - Great website  Surname Maps based upon 1901 & 1911 Censuses

STG - Irish Ports          Immigrant Ships - Look at the U.S. Jamestown visited Cork 1847 with famine aid from Boston

Ships Page                   Passenger Lists with "Carr" Information that I compiled. May save you some time.

Ship Page                     Convict Transported Passengers "Carr"  information that I compiled. May save you some time.  Irish Ships and Shipping - with crew lists, photos and company magazines    Ship wrecks around Cork Harbour and the Cork Coast   Ship wrecks around the Irish Coast  WW1 Cork Harbour Trail

DNA                              About DNA Testing   Great Surname mega search + just fill-in a name in the search box   A popular free Genealogy site   Interactive games for learning the Irish language     Olive Tree Genealogy - great site  Newspapers - index of 53,095 obituaries of people who were born and/or died in Ireland   Public Libraries  and links  Irish Migration Histories to England & great research resource       Brilliant catalogues - Just fill in a town or place and find absolute gems  a collection of wills from non commissioned Irish soldiers who served in the British army in the 19 and early 20 century.      More brilliant catalogues - Just fill in a town or place and find absolute gems      People wishing to seek information related to adoption in Ireland  Using the Internet for Irish Research.    The Irish Famine

1844 selection of Workhouse Paupers with Names    Pure Irish Famine Personal Horror Stories Excellent site -  Ancient and Medieval Irish Tribes, History & Maps  Stone circles, ancient standing stones, hill forts and archaeology of megalithic Europe  A guide to some Irish megalithic, monastic and early ecclesiastical sites   Mythology and much more  Newspaper column looking for “lost” friends and relatives who had emigrated from Ireland to the United States 1831-1921                                     Indexed World Search         Good site   Good Tipperary website

Cyndi's List - Ireland & Northern Ireland  Many links - Just keep scrolling down  One of the greatest reference sites    Kerry links and great general Irish links The Genealogy Home Page - Good links - Register your homepage  Ireland Newspaper Abstract   Searchable Archive of Historical Newspapers   Great site  Church of Ireland information for Cork    Library and Archives Canada Great Australian Genealogy Search Engine and Directory  Another Australian link -- Hate musical background so prepare to switch off    The 1940 US Census  New Zealand Society of Genealogists  Excellent site  Bundles of stuff to keep you there          Read from your choice of world newspapers  Excellent site & excellent newsletter   Irish Genealogy website with online access to records for Northern Ireland.  An information and services website dealing with end of life matters in Ireland  Ezilon Uk & Ireland genealogy links  Population change - - Map visualisation of each county in Ireland 1841 - 2002

Foreign and Irish Military Service By West Cork People    West Cork People Military Service Edward Wallace (Chairman) Suggested the links below :-

Enniskeane baptisms 

Convicts convicted of Stealing

Ireland Old News

Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Carrigtohill, County Cork

1851 Census of Ireland - Cork - Kilworth

Catholic Parishes - 1848

Ten Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Family History - YouTube

The Mission Girls | Irish America  Irish Emigration to Labrador and Newfoundland  Everything you want to know about people's Names

Something a little Different:  Researching the history of a house  A global Movement to end all wars

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A history of My Home Town;   Over a thousand years of history made easy reading. 

Also  a website run by Kieran McCarthy who also conducts walking tours - this has so much content, even Cork people will learn a lot


Royal Navy 1800's

My Grandfather Richard O'Keeffe joined the royal Navy at 16 years old in 1881. See his service record   Here    


My Great Grandfather Joseph Carr joined the Royal Navy at 14 years old in 1864. See his service record   Here



Certs_2012/Census_1871-Summary_Township_of_Queenstown.PNG   Now known as Cobh (Pronounced Cove) County Cork, Ireland


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A Unique Book by Johnny McKeagney about Fermanagh and surrounding areas
. Hand drawn pictures and sketches of times gone by
. allows you see some sample illustrations, view a TV program made about him and if you wish, purchase a copy of the book


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There are many free websites, where you can look-up ZIP codes, Addresses and Phone numbers. I have removed specific one's as they contained advertisements or were advertising their own software. Just do a "Google search" and you will find what you want.




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A Call from the Grave   A fantastic true story





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