Barny Carr

At the age of 35 years was found guilty in Lancaster, England in 1819  and sentenced to 14 years. He arrived in Australia in 1819. His wife Jane Carr was transported a few months later (See: "Lord Wellington"). She was listed at the government factory in Parramatta in 1822 with two children, aged 4 and 1 years. Her daughter Maria was 11 years old and employed  by T. Edwards in Sydney.

Barny is recorded as living in Kent street in 1824 assigned to his wife Jane. He appears on a muster 1825 assigned to his wife.

On his certificate of freedom it states that one year was added to his original sentence by the Sydney bench 2 July 1829 for stealing a coat.

They had five children - Maria, William, Thomas, Jane and Catherine.

She died in 1850 and was buried at Botany.

Her daughter Maria married an Irish ex convict named Patrick Conlon who became a respectable publican.

Barny possibly died in 1846, yet to be confirmed.

This information was kindly supplied by Karen Hodges, a decendant of Maria.


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