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  Elizabeth Smith (alias Carr)

· Tried at the Middlesex Assizes on 11th July 1787 under maiden name Smith
· Her married name Carr was given as an alias
· Sentenced to 7 years transportation
· Spent two years in prison waiting to be assigned to a ship
· Because she was sentenced in a county goal her irons would have been riveted not locked and would have to have been knocked off
· Came on the Lady Juliana to Australia
· She was 32 (calculated from death certificate)
· Elizabeth went to Norfolk Island on the Surprise 31/7/1790
· Sometime after Mar 1791 she was assigned to freed convict William Boggis
· 3rd Feb 1792 Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth to Boggis
· Because of crop failures, in 1795,Elizabeth and Elizabeth were on stores. Because of this William could not legally leave the island
· Between 1797 and 1801 William left Norfolk Island (after 1802 he disappears from the records)
· His farm went back to the government
· Elizabeth Jnr was placed in the orphanage but by 1802 she was at the Female Orphanage School in Sydney
· Elizabeth Jnr at the age of 14 married Charles Tompson Jnr on 8th June 1806
· Elizabeth Snr left Norfolk Island in 1806
· In the musters of 1806 and 1811 she is listed as Elizabeth Smith a freed convict living alone.
· In the muster of 1814 she is listed as widowed either because she had word her legal spouse had died or she was recognised as Boggis’ deserted de facto wife
· She died aged 68 on 21st August 1820 and was buried in the Sydney Burial Ground in the Tompson plot next to her infant grandson Fredrick as Elizabeth Boggis
· When her daughter died on 19th March 1822 she was buried next to her



Information kindly supplied by:   Kaitlyn Emmett