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Other Carrs in the Cork area that I have come across:-

Names or dates in the table below are in no particular order.

Cork may mean Cork city or Cork County

Carr Born Spouse (Parent) Married Place
Alexander 1684 Joan Peirce 1710 Cork
Alexander 1685 Jane Price 1710 Cork
Daniel 1768 Elizabete Collins 1793 Cork
Richard   Ellen Edwards 1767 Cloyne
Richard 1865 (Richard Carr - Margaret Smith)   Aghada
Catherine 1818     Queenstown
Catherine 1834     Kinsale
Catherine 1866 (James Carr - Margaret Farrell)   Fermoy
Andrew 1864 (George Carr - Hannah Burk)   Carrigaline
Alice 1744 James Shiels 1765 Cork
Thomas   Jane Kerby 1795 Cork
Isabell 1647 Zubucon Brag 29-05-1668 Cloyne
Ann 1700 Thomas Berffrey 23-03-1721 Cloyne
Francis 1729 Elizabeth Crocker 1754 Cloyne
William 1756 Mary Ann Whitcroft 1781 Cloyne
Robert 1757 Jane Owens 1782 Cloyne
Robert   Martha Emerson 1727 Cork
Susanna 1768 James Colthurst 20-02-1789 Cloyne
Katherine 1772 Alexander Ferguson 1793 Cloyne
Agustus   Ann Cooke 1720 Cork
John   Catherine Belshaw 1776 Cork
John   Catherine Edwards 1776 Cork
James 1870 (Died New York)   Co. Cork
Ellen 1872     Cork
Mary 1701 Michael Weston 1722 Cork
Mary Ann 1811 (James Carr - Eliza)   Mallow
Robert 1798 (Robert Carr - Catherine)   Mallow
James 1723 Jane *(Lydia) Pockington 1745 *(1748) Cork  
Thomas   Sarah Davies 1810 Cork
William 1698 (Death)   Cork
Elizabeth 1744 Clayton Steel   Cork
Elizabeth 1763 John Sommerville 1784 Cork
Maria   William Cooke 12-08-1845 St.Mary's Cork
Martha Sarah 1864 (John Carr - Anna Fergesson)   Glengarriff
Henry 1874     Cork
Henry   Catherine Sweeny 1824 Cork
Henry   Eliza Kirchner 1827 Cork
Henry   Amelia Duke 16-09-1829 St.Mary's Cork
Ellen 1872     Cork
Barbra   John Cliff 1694 Cork
Barbra 1659 (Father-William)   Cork
Barbra 1661 (Father-William)   Cork
Barbra 1677     Cork
Ann 1665 (Father-Henry)   Holy Trinity Cork
Hannah 1759 Edward Steed 1780 Cork
Ann 1678 Richard Buckworth 1699 Cork
George   Abigail Williams 1780 Cork
George 1812     Cork
George   Catherine Thomas 1838 Cork
John   Mary Ann Connor 1781 Cork
Mary 1848 (John Carr - Johanna Gleeson)   Midleton
John   Anastasia Sullivan 1849 Cobh
John 1850 (John Carr - Anastasia Sullivan)   Cobh
Mary 1852 (John Carr - Anastasia Sullivan)   Cobh
Ann 1854 (John Carr - Anastasia Sullivan)   Cobh
Richard 1856 (John Carr - Anastasia Sullivan)   Cobh
Catherine   Daniel Leary born 1815   Midleton
Johanna 1873 (Michael Carr - Kate Carey)   Rathcoursey
Julia 1877 (Michael Carr - Kate Carey)   Rathcoursey
Mary   Peter Wade (Children - Paul & Mary 1875 & 1877)   Rathcoursey
William 1849 Mary Ann Turk 1879 Cork
Frances 1866 (Edward Duke Carr - Maria Jane Howell)   Cork

Carr Name Variations

Carr / Spelling  Born Spouse (Parent) Married Place
Gabriel Carre   Anne Wilson 1712 Cork
James Carre   Lydia Smith 1724 Cork
George Corr 1865 (George Corr - Mary Ellen Foster)   Cork


Some of the records above were found at: and there may be further information available. It is a very good genealogical site for free searching.              

Cork Directories containing Carr

Catherine 1787 Cork City Directory  -- Toy-shop, Paul-st. Cork
Adam 1852  Griffit's valuation St,. Annes Shandon ---  Wood's Lane (off York-street) Cork
Robert 1826 & 1829 - Cork City Election voters list Cork
Edward  1863 Cork City Mercantile Directory   - Accountant Cork
Robert 1863 Cork City Mercantile Directory - Foreman Tailor  Cork
Mrs. A. 1867  Cork City Street Directory --   Lower Glanmire road Cork
Amelia 1867  Cork City Street Directory --   Lower Glanmire road ---  ---  ---  Also found Carr & Co. Bakers - Grand Parade Cork
Chas. A. 1901 Census Cork City  Extracts   --    St. Patricks Pl. Cork
Richard 1848 - Merchant Seamens Relief  Society -  Trustee Cork
Adam 1848 - Committee of Merchants Cork
Mr. 1846 - Barque (Giaour) constructed and launched for Mr. Carr - West India Merchant Cork
George 1848 - Tenant's Rights Petition  -- Lapland Cork

1855 - List of those from Aghada parish who died in the Crimean war  -- Son of James

William 1787 - Lucas Directory -- Cove -- Navy Surgeon Cobh
Henry 1778 - Born Athlone,  Westmeath  -- discharged from the Cork Militia - 1826 Cork
David 1766 - Born Cork City  -  discharged from the 36th foot regiment - 1792  Cork
George 1824  - Pigot's Cork City Directory - - Ironmonger - National Assurance - 16 Patrick St.  Cork
Henry 1824  - Pigot's Cork City Directory - - Sunday's Well Cork
Robert 1824  - Pigot's Cork City Directory - - Sidney Place  Cork
Robt. 1824  - Pigot's Cork City Directory - - & Co. Merchants - 20 Merchants Quay  Cork
T.S. 1824  - Pigot's Cork City Directory - - Librarian - Cork Library - Pembroke St.  Cork
George 1809 - Cork City pipewater scheme  - North Main St. Cork
Mrs 1809  -Cork City pipewater scheme  - Grand Parade Cork
Thos. 1809 - Cork City pipewater scheme  - Patricks Street Cork
Henry 1830/1837 - Cork City Householders  -  Blarney lane  - Weaver Cork
Mrs K 1914  - Guy's Postal Directory for Cork City --  4 Bethesda Row Cork
J D & Co 1914 -  Guy's Postal Directory for Cork City --  53 South Mall Cork
George 1809  -  Holden's Triennial Directory of Cork  --  Dealer in Spirits Cork


7 the Mall

 Queenstown- Henry & Coghlans Directory 1867        Cotter, Wm., Grocer, 7 Mall  -- My Great Grandfather 

In the early part of the 1800's a family named Simcox owned the building and also kept a Provision and Grocery business. They decided to sell-up the to move to Cork City where they became very successful business people. The Cotters who lived only a stones throw away in Cotterell's Row bought the building and continued the business. They rented out their former home to a tenant who was later unable to pay rent due to poverty. William allowed them to stay and eventually freely relinquished his claim to the house to the joy of the tenant family. Many of the extended Cotter family lived in the adjoining buildings on the Mall as time went on. William bought another shop a few years later, at the holy ground a few hundred yards further along from the Mall an nearer the town centre.

In 1849 Queen Victoria and her husband Albert along with her nephew Edward Prince of Wales visited Cork. They arrived on the stormy night of 2nd August and with pilot Jack Murphy aboard entered the harbour at 10 pm and dropped anchor off Whitegate due to the weather. The bad weather continued for days and Victoria requested the advice of the pilot who said that he could safely bring the ship into port. When he did the queen granted him two requests and his first of his requests was for a lighthouse be placed at the north eastern tip of the Spit bank, where it still stands today. Part of the visit brought the Royals past  the door of 7 the Mall on their way to the military hospital. This event was most certainly witnessed by the Cotters, Turnbulls, Nagles and Gormans and Carrs

 My uncle William Carr (RIP) ran the shop until  2012 - He then retired due to old age.


The local paper "Inside Cobh & Carrig" did a story about the day of his 100th Birthday      Link here     2012

My Uncle William (Will) Carr - Shop Keeper -  was 101 years old in Aug. 2013.

101st Birthday  Link Here

The shop is no longer sustainable, although Nonie still has one customer 2014


Will Carr on his 102nd Birthday 11 Aug 2014   Weak in body but strong in mind 

Link Here


103rd Birthday      Will celebrates his Birthday


Will Carr celebrated his 104th Birthday  11-Aug-2016.  He was asleep when I visited.


Will Carr died 0n Friday 14th October 2016 at the great age of 104 years 2 months and 3 days   May he rest in Peace



My Carr Family:  Simple Chart 


Other Carr's

If you are starting to research any family name in Ireland a good place to begin is:

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Dublin directory 1850  14 Carr's 

Search Directories from all over at Census finder;       In some cases you may get Name, Address and Occupation.     


Jim Herlihy researches the different police agencies who served in Ireland and has a website with his details at:

The Royal Irish Constabulary Index between 1816 and 1922 contains 85,028 members and has 63 with the surname CARR, two of which were born in Co. Cork:-

1. John Carr, born in Co. Cork 1845  and joined the RIC in 1863.
2. Timothy Carr, born in Co. Cork 1886  and joined the RIC in 1905.

The Dublin Metropolitan Police Index between 1836 and 1925 contains 12,566 members and has 15 with the surname CARR, none of which were born in Co. Cork.

It is very hard to find records prior to 1922 in Ireland because they were stored in Dublin (Capital City) at the Central Statistics  government buildings which were burnt down in that year. 


Another free site:  gives you a free anti-virus program that is automatically updated also free from the net. This is brilliant. 



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